Transportation Credit Scores . . . Providing Credit Reports, Credit Scores, & Collections To The Transportation Industry Since 1987


One of the most important contributions you can make to serve your business industry is to exchange
payment data with fellow contributors. In this way each of you benefit from the other's experiences .
Knowing how others in your industry are being paid has enormous benefits to you as a customer; this is the foundation we built TransCredit upon in 1987 and continues to be our cornerstone today.
We depend upon our customers to submit their AR to us on a monthly basis, we also know that it takes a special effort on your behalf...that's why we reward you with discounted rates on our services.
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Auto Alert
A big part of our job at TransCredit is not just providing you with the initial credit report, but watching over what we gave you in case there are significant changes that might affect how you will get paid.
Every Premier Credit Report comes with Auto Alert (no charge) for one year after you purchase the report. Our computers run our entire database comparing yesterdays credit scores against todays. If a reduction
of (3) three points or more is discovered those files are tagged, reviewed by a supervisor for "what made the changes" so we can avoid "false alarms" and then Alerts are emailed to every TransCredit customer who has purchased that report within the past 12 months.
You can take comfort knowing that TransCredit is watching over your Accounts Receivable.

Credit Score Management and Protection
We strongly recommend our credit management and protection program with all of the following benefits to be proactive in building, updating or managing your credit profile:
* 24/7/365 Unlimited access to your credit profile
* Submit references online to make sure your credit score, report and payment trend are always updated
* Transcredit will monitor your company's Credit Score and Day-To-PayTM Trend
* Advance notification of any information that lower your score by 3 points or more
* Dispute negative reportings that may have impacted your score (We help rectify disputes with truck lines or
   factoring firms within 48 hours)