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Transcollect (Low Cost Flat Rate Collections)

The biggest contributor to "bad debt" is often the reluctance of the creditor (that's you) to take quick action when
an invoice becomes past due. All too often we find ourselves uncomfortable in asking an important customer
"why haven't we been paid according to our terms?" Let us do the job for you at LOW COST FLAT RATES that
average less than 5% per $1,000. Our flat rate program are designed for invoices that are less than 90 days old
and for companies that want to try and improve receivables by turning over placements to us once they are
beyond terms. We makes sure your invoices get paid without jeopardizing the rapport you have worked so hard
to build with your customers by handling them with the utmost care and respect.
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Contingency Collections (Percentage Based Collections)
Our most popular program is our contingency based collections with the most competitive rates in the industry. The rates we charge vary depending on the age and dollar amount of your invoices. There is no upfront cost and you pay us nothing if we can not collect! unlike many other agencies out there we keep you in the know by providing you with a unique login and password to access dialogue on our website between your debtor and our collectors. No invoice is to large, small or old for us to pursue!
Call us today discuss out contingency and/or flat rate services to see what program would best suit your needs!
No other collection agency or even your attorney has the ability to motivate a debtor to pay what is due like
Transcredit, as we are the most influential transportation credit services in the United States and
Canada. If your debtor does not pay after we contact them, that non-payment information is broadcast via
our Credit Score & Days-To-Pay data to over 100,000 truck lines. Tomorrow the debtor may not be able to
move their product to market!

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